The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design

Galaxy S6 Edge design
Bill Smith
Written by Bill Smith

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design is a wonderful,

I get that Samsung thinks this is a phone for the early adopters, that the added expense the next level screen technology will be prohibitively expensive at a time when the brand needs to get the basics right.

people will be desperate to take a look at your new SpacePhone. If Samsung had wanted to make a big splash with its flagship handset this year, the S6 Edge would have been the one to throw the spotlight on.

The curved edges taper into the chassis is a little sharp, where the S6 is smoother and nicer to use in that respect.

It is a very light phone, and is primarily screen across the front. It manages the very clever trick of being able to fit a massive screen (5.1-inch) into a frame around the size of an Iphone 6, The camera protrudes slightly from the back, as Samsung has packed in an advanced sensor and didn’t want to compromise on the specs to get to a thin, flat back.

Galaxy S6 Edge design

Galaxy S6 Edge design

The display is something to behold.

It’s definitely the next generation compared the Galaxy Note Edge, for instance. That phone looked lopsided and the ‘spine’ screen looked like it was tacked on later.

With the S6 Edge, both sides of the screen are more subtle, not quite reaching to the bottom of the chassis to make it seem like the whole front is just well-designed.

This is a phone that does have some reasons to use the curved edges, but perhaps not enough to convince you to spend more than just buying the main Galaxy S6.



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