Math for kids Best android app

Bill Smith
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Math for kids Best android app, Free Android Training App


Math for kids Best android app, math for kids counting

download Math for kids – Google Play

The best android app for children Math for kids, it contains a sample, easy and amazing math tutorial for kids, contains a video tutorial teach your kids counting to 100 and finding the missing number and finding the bigger number, and teach your kids Place value and Patterns, your kids will learn basic addition and subtraction, subtraction within 10, 20, etc..

the math for kids contain also Measurement and Data, how measure objects and compare them, how to count U.S coins and dollars, as well as learning recognizing shapes and composing shapes with Geometry and more.

Math for kids for contains Favorite and Seen menu to enable the kids to track their learning progress, save and bookmark their favorite videos.



you can download free math for kids app from Google Play

Download Math for kids From Google Play




math for kids menu

math for kids menu







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