Couchgram – call security

coachgram call security
Smith Andro
Written by Smith Andro

Couchgram – call security

Couchgram grant you an intelligent tool to add more security on your mobile, the idea of this app is securing your incoming calls so you will be the only one who can answer the phone just like you unlock your phone with passcode.

At the first glance you will think that this app give you new lock screen or new pattern on how to slide or draw new pattern like any android application, its new idea it’s focus on how to lock receiving calls so no one can answer instead of you.

Couchgram – call security give you many ways to lock receiving calls, give you ability to draw you pattern to unlock calls in addition to move up or down or any direction.


coachgram call security

coachgram call security

coachgram - call security

coachgram – call security

couchgram – Best way to protect your cell phone



You may ask if my phone lost how can people answer me to give the phone back to me, therefore you can add lock-free number so any one can answer the phone specific to this number. is has also theater mode make the phone darker when it’s ringing.

the couchgram offered you a more background for receiving call screen you can change it and choose the one you like it.

Couchgram on Google Play




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