Маша и Медведь – Masha and The Bear – Pixar

Маша и Медведь - Masha and The Bear - Pixar
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Маша и Медведь – Masha and The Bear – Pixar

Masha and the bear amazing animation video, awesome idea, wonderful animation short movie Russian series, this video got more than 600 million views on Youtube and continue increasing, Masha and the Bear films have views as much as famous singers videos and it’s now considered from the top 100 on Youtube, you may ask how it has over 600,000,000 views? to know and understand how that happens, how they generates that kind of popularity, let’s figure it out.



Let’s analyze the reason about success and popularity of this Russian short movie.

the success story start from the most watched video Masha and Bear episode 17, The Bear takes on checkers. Masha stops your ex requesting for you to give the woman. The Bear cooks some porridge for her. Although Masha doesn’t as it. The Bear will go down within a huff. Masha decides for you to make meals porridge himself. Although shortly this porridge swells available. The many natural environment inhabitants will recall this present day pertaining to lengthy.

this video may be the closest thing to golden age cartoons currently on the market, containing real danger, a soundtrack that borrows heavily from ragtime/jazz/classical, and real humor.

this episode contains more than one factor to have this popularity,the basic factor is the series focuses on the adventure of a girl named Masha and an anthropomorphic bear, one of the missed idea is when the bear play checkers, this idea came from the Pixar animation the man who play chest with himself “Geri’s Game Pixar” animated short film made by Pixar in 1997.

Masha can be represented to be a child like, delighted, sort, in addition to mischievous little girl, as the tolerate is often a grandfatherly retired show musician of which will try to hold Masha away from trouble but often ends up injuring himself. There are various involving assisting personas within the sequence, which includes Masha’s step-brother, some sort of penguin used with the Tolerate, some sort of competition of which worked with the actual tolerate within the show, as well as a female tolerate this is the thing from the bear’s ailments, in addition to a bunny, some sort of squirrel, in addition to 2 wolves which reside close to the bear’s household.





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